Louis Sousa

I live in Bristol, Rhode Island and as the saying goes I am married with children.  Bristol is a beautiful seaside town with a rich maritime history and community forming the backdrop of much of my shooting to date. I dabbled in photography intermittently through the years but began shooting frequently in 2009 after suffering a tragic loss. Photography filled a cavernous void, serving as the sole means to escape from grief. I started with a Nikon D40, graduated up the line to a D800 then purchased a motorcycle and before a tour to Gettysburg PA and to save weight I migrated to the Fuji system. While digital will always remain a part of my photography I tired of its perfection.  Why edit digital images to look like film (my editing preference always) when I can do the real thing? And I absolutely love old cameras.  I primarily shoot a Leica M3 and Hasselblad 503CX but have and enjoy others. The common refrain for a film shooter is the slower process. For me this has been doubly important and beneficial. My mind races away too often to what was and might have been.  For me, film is the now and nothing more.  I can’t say I have a common thread to my images. As I think, the word courage comes to mind. The courage to persevere and the courage to take risks are elements to my growth as a person and a photographer. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this community more than you will ever know.