Curated Photos | February 20th 2017 | Marc Nagainis

"Well now you and me, we're just like them
We never wanted to be alone,
So we made a pact, sealed with desire
For a happier house and home
Only to find it doens't untie
The know where feelings die
There's a longing deep inside our hearts
And no one to tell us why"

- Bonnie Raitt, Longing in their Hearts.

We all long for something be it an absent love, a special place or time.  Sometimes, when I make a photo, I get that special magical mixture just right, and I can represent the longing I feel for that particular subject.  And sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.  


Every week the FSC features a Curated Photostream that is open to all.  You may only submit one (1) photo and it *must* be a jpeg file and no larger than 20 MB. Please title the file "Title_Camera_Film_YourName.jpg" so that we may properly credit you if your photo is selected.  

Next week will be curated by Gina Gorsek and the theme is "A Thousand Words"  Submit a photo that will invite the viewer to create their own story to explain what is happening in the image.  You can submit your photo here.  

My next curation will be March 13-19 for presentation on March 20th 2017.  I like music, a lot, particularly songwriters and their lyrics.  Please interpret the following for me, if you can, from the song Free Four, by Pink Floyd.

The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime.