Curated Photos | October 12th, 2015 | Amy Jasek

Autumn is my favorite season; it's a time of change and duality.  Heat fading into chill, light fading into dark, green fading into brown.  I waited as long as possible to look at the entries for this week's photostream. and I'm glad that I did:  a theme presented itself.  As a lover of the time of year and of half frame cameras, the first piece below called out to me loudly, and as I looked at the rest I noticed a variety of common subjects.  So here I present to you a series of pairs.

Amy Jasek

Photography is a family tradition. I was raised in the darkroom, and on the fine art work of photographers like Edward Weston, Diane Arbus, and Ansel Adams. My father took me photographing with him regularly and taught me how to look at light. He gave me my first camera (an Olympus RC); I made my first black and white print (standing on a stool!) at the age of 7. There are some gaps in the timeline of my photographic journey, enforced upon it by life in general, but film and cameras are one of the few things that have remained constant every step of the way. For me, photography is all about moments and truth. I like to work in black and white so that I can highlight those two things. The truth, form, and simplicity of the moment is presented; I feel that removing the color from the scene brings these things out. I believe street photography is a little window into the heart and soul of a place, a time, and the people in it. These days I tend more toward street portraits and interaction with my subjects, but my drive for capturing the candid moment remains the same.