Curated Photos | October 5th, 2015 | Cameron Kline

I chose a wide variety of photos this week for our first attempt at a curated photostream, and there's a lot of great photos this week. Some of the photos remind me of home or places I think of as being home, and I've been contemplative about that a lot this week so that's the reason for some of my choices. 

Some of the other choices were things I felt were new or something I hadn't seen from our members. At any rate, here's the selection for this week. If you're interested in submitting for next week you can do so here


You can connect with the photographers from this weeks selection using the links below. If you'd like to be considered for a future post, please submit your work here. 

Achim Burgardt

Ben Hood

Garrick Fujii

Adrian Douglas Gilliam

Rob Funffinger

Shawn Hoke

Tony Turley

Davide Maria Ferrari

Robert Rogers 

Efraín Bojórquez

Taylor Hanigosky

Amy Jasek