This week, our theme was Black & White.

We had so many submissions -- beautiful, interesting, challenging, evocative images. When I first began looking through them, I sorted them roughly into groups by type.  Abstracts, Street, Portraits, Landscapes, etc. It helps to do this sometimes when there are a large number of submissions.  But really, I just like to move the images around like puzzle pieces to see what I see.  

And here, I saw connections across genre; the warp and the weft. Repeating in a pattern of Object/Person/Place, over and over.  Little stories told in groups of three.  

Thank you as always to everyone who submitted this week  Please continue to send us your lovely work.  

Next week Marc Nagainis will be curating and the theme is "For now we see through a glass, darkly, " from I Corinthians. Allow your imagination free reign in its interpretation and submit your photo here.