Curated Photos | September 5, 2016 | Barbara Murray

The subject of this week's stream is "fear". Fear is a topic very close to my heart, but one that can be difficult to evoke in a still image. Fear can be triggered by something very specific and personal, or by a vaguer sense of dread and uncertainty. Both of these kinds of fear inducing scenarios, and the full spectrum in between, are covered in this week's spine tingling collection of photos. 

The week beginning September 5 will be curated by Gina Gorsek. The theme is "Happy Mistakes" -- when you do something wrong (exposure, development, etc.) And it turns out oh so right. You may submit your shot here, and please remember the file MUST be a jpeg.  

Barbara Murray is an artist who loves film photography, especially experimental and alternative processes. You can see some of her work at