This was really thought-provoking to do, and made me very interested in relative motion and stillness, as matters of perspective. Who's moving? Who is moved? And there's an emotional intensity about the selection too. I am moved - I hope you are! I'm moved to laughter, to curiosity, and to love. 

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted - I really can't thank you enough. 


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My next curation will be August 20 and the theme is "Agape." I would like for you to think about AGAPE, which is one of the four kinds of love identified by the Greeks.  It is the highest love. It is unconditional love - the love that strives for the fullest good of another, thinking not of the self. You may submit your image here

Next week is our monthly Polaroid Roundup and Abigail Crone is curating. From Abigail:  My next Polaroid Roundup will be July 30 and the theme is "Someone You Love." You may submit your image here and please remember that my streams are Instant Film only.  


Lucy Wainwright is a UK-based photographer and modern ecstatic.