Laura Yurs

I’m a woman, mother, wife, friend and photographer using my camera as a force for good.  I believe a camera can change the way you see the world.  I believe laughter and hugs and coffee and film are essentials in life.  I believe you should let your life speak and that you should listen, even when it’s not what you want to hear.  I believe in the power of kind words…and that a smile is a gift.  I believe in the underdog and that there’s a huge difference between “impossible” and “improbable”.  I believe in laughter.  I believe in swearing.  I believe in buying a round for your friends.  I believe in turning the music up REALLY loud….and dancing.  I carry a camera everywhere and document what I see.  My lens carries me through.  I’m married to a man who still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks through the door.  Together we’re trying really hard not to screw up our two children.

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