Lilly Schwartz

Lilly Schwartz is a documentary and street photographer based in Europe.

Capturing human behaviour and interaction is what drives her to prowl the streets, especially when these facets become odd, disturbing or outright ridiculous. In her search for the common everyday madness more often than not the banality of our daily human existence shines through, which of course has its own inherent oddities and absurdities.

Beyond her work on the streets, her long-term documentary projects often hinge on a personal connection, where her own experiences expand into themes of more generalised interest.

"I have been using film for 3 years now and shoot exclusively analog at the moment. In a world where cameras are so easy to use in automatic mode that even a monkey can take a selfie I like to slow down and use fully manual cameras without a screen and unlimited storage. There is a lot more craft involved in film photography and I like that. On some level the process of developing film is also rather therapeutic for me, because it usually gets me through those boring rainy winter months when nothing much is happening out there on the streets.“

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