Tim Scott

In my "day job" I work in advertising as an art director and creative director. I have spent the past 25 years working with and leading some of the biggest agencies and clients in the world in their marketing efforts–and I love it. But, what truly feeds my creative soul is photography. 

I make photographs because it is what keeps me up at night, it’s what inspires me creatively and it’s what allows me to share the world as I see it.

There is beauty and inspiration everywhere. I find the most inspiration in people. Faces are incredible. Stories written in every line, shadow and shape. But I also very much find beauty in “imperfect”. To me, nothing “real” is perfect and so much beauty is found in what makes everything unique. This is what I see and love.

I shoot using film, 35mm, medium and large format cameras, with lenses from as early as the 1800’s as well as a few “modern” lenses (60’s era). Film to me is physical, it is challenging and full of surprises. But, through craft or happenstance, it also allows the creation of some of the most incredible art I have ever seen. This inspires me every day. Ultimately, it is not the medium, tools or process that dictates a “successful” image but the strength of the image itself. This is what I will always strive for, experiment with and continue to be challenged by. This is my passion.

Tim Scott – Los Angeles, CA

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