Abigail Crone

Abigail Crone’s obsession with film photography began with her first black and white film class in college. She soon found herself taking every possible opportunity to work in the darkroom. Digital photography quickly lost its appeal as she felt disconnected from the pixelated images on her computer screen. 

After college fully equipped darkrooms weren’t so easy to come by, but her film obsession was still there, and she found herself turning to instant film partly out of necessity. The format however melded so well with her style that it became much more of a creative choice than merely necessity. 

She shoots any instant film she can get her hands on, and has worked with FP-100C, FP-3000B, Impossible Project film, and Instax film.  What draws Abigail to instant film is the way it forces her to embrace imperfections in her work, and what those imperfections can add to her otherwise carefully planned photos. She also loves the simplicity of instant film, and how it allows her to focus on the subject and purpose of her photos. 

Abigail does not put limitations on what she chooses to shoot, any people, places, or objects she finds interesting or beautiful will end up on her film. She hopes to include much more experimentation in future work, and has been using double exposures and emulsion lifts more frequently. 


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