Daniel Marinelli

My work is a bit of a compromise between landscape and street photography. I am more of an anthropologist than a photographer, despite the fact that you rarely see a person in any of my pictures, traces of humanity are omnipresent. The fingerprints society leaves behind, provide evidence of it’s impact. I am especially interested in the roughly defined line between nature and civilization, as well as man’s attempts to harness it’s beauty. I am also a bit of an archivist. Southern California had seen more development in the last 100 years than anywhere else in America. The world of my childhood is rapidly eroding and my vision of San Diego is altered on a daily basis. As people bring different values, ideas and visions to the region, they physically change the landscape. I enjoy documenting the change and taking little snippets with me. I almost always shoot from a sidewalk at eye level with a 35-50mm lens to closely mimic the human experience. I often use half frame cameras to document my surroundings and founded the Half Frame Club in summer of 2016.