Michael Rennie

At first I just took pictures, I wasn’t really a photographer; I was a skateboarder, a cyclist, a snowboarder, a climber, a sailor, a husband, a father, an engineer but not a photographer. My photographs were average despite using a camera on a daily basis.

Enter the battered, £12 Minolta 7000i SLR and a few rolls of film. This clunker showed me just how little I knew about how to take a picture and slowed me down enough to start actually learning. I started from the basics and taught myself photography, this was four years ago and today my obsession with film photography is stronger than ever.

I share articles, projects and competitions (both film and digital) on my blog at www.badbeaglephotography.com.

My day to day adventures can be seen on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/badbeaglephotography and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Badbeaglephotography

I shoot everything from half frame to large format and I’m keen to collaborate with any other film geeks at home (Scotland) or worldwide, please get in touch!