Richard PJ Lambert

My name is Richard PJ Lambert and I'm from Birmingham, England. I think of photography as being akin to music. Growing up listening to bands like Pavement and Beck, I found myself singing along to the surreal lyrics and creating my own meanings. Whilst the words seemed weird and oblique, they could still be affecting - inviting you into their own self contained worlds

I’m interested in pictures that work the same way, that maybe ask more questions than they answer. I take a camera everywhere, so when strange things happen in everyday life I take a picture. I find the unusual beautiful. Collecting moments like this, snapshots can work like non sequiturs, leaving connections to be deciphered by the viewer.

I use film because the mechanics of making a picture are transparent and easy to understand. I don’t think choice of medium can determine the quality of a photograph, but for me the analogue process feels more spontaneous, creative and fun. I couldn’t get the same results without it.