Amanda Thomas Carey

I found my way back to film after I lost myself in the digital world. Like many mothers before me, I quickly stumbled into the trap of overshooting and overediting in an effort to document every feature, every milestone, every moment. About three years after my first daughter was born, I finally discovered the fetters in which I had become entangled. Clicking through images from the past year, I discovered with a growing sense of horror that I had created a meticulously curated collection of posed, perfect, Photoshopped models. This was not my life. These were not my children.

So I dropped digital, and picked up an old film camera from my youth. I fell back in love hard and fast, embracing the grain and cherishing the true, imperfect moments of my life and family. I strive to document our short time together authentically, and drag them on adventures around town, the country, and the world, always stopping to appreciate the little things and never ceasing to be grateful for the beauty that surrounds. I find that I am most inspired by messes, emotions, leading lines, and opportunities to frame a story.