Mark Schlocker

I consider my photographic process an artistic process.  The images that strike me the most seem almost unreal.  I am not interested in rendering the world as my eye saw it.  I am interested in bringing dreams to realty through my photography.  I have no problem using long exposures, multiple exposures, lighting, post production, anything that helps me bring my dreams alive.  I have one goal, and that is to stop the viewer in their tracks.

Film is one way I bring my images to life.  I find it so satisfying to put a lot of effort into a shot and then later to receive the developed film and to see that the results paid off is wonderful.  With film you get this built-in anticipation that can be exhilarating.  When the results are right on, you know you really understand your craft. 

I'm a bit obsessed with quality but I also value mobility.  For that reason I love medium format photography the most.  I have used many types of cameras ranging from disposable 35mm to 4X5 monorail.  I currently own a Nikon F100 and a Fuji GW690 coupled with a Sekonic L-758DR light meter.  I love the 100% mechanical aspect of the Fuji and of course the very large negative.  I tend to switch between Provia 100F, Portra 400, and Acros 100.  It all depends on the mood I want to create and the lighting conditions I plan to be shooting in.

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